Sunday, 12 September 2010

Marketing Shows - Brand Finance Forum, October 2010

"Understanding the Value of Advertising"
One of the UK’s most distinguished leaders will be honoured for their contribution to business.

Every CEO, CFO, CMO, Brand Manager and Agency professional wants to know what consumers really think about their communications. For many years the big questions have kept coming back…

- What is best practice in brand advertising?
- Is there evidence of a long term value add to brands from advertising?
- What are the latest techniques for measuring advertising effectiveness?
- Which parts of our communications activity provides the most value?
- How can we amplify the value of our marketing spend?
- How can we improve the marketing process for greater efficiency?
- Can we truly measure and articulate the contribution of advertising to brand equity?

Brand Finance Forum
Date: 25th & 26th October 2010,
Location: RAC Pall Mall, London
Prices: Available on

Saturday, 11 September 2010

Marketing Shows - Business Leader Dinner, October 2010

Business Leader Dinner - Key Information
Date: 12 October 2010, 7pm - 10:30pm
Location: TBC
Business Leader - £115 + VAT
Business Leader plus Guest - £200 + VAT

How will this Marketing Event inspire you to Think Differently?
This Marketing Growth Drivers dinner will give you understanding and awareness of how marketers ensure they are driving growth of their business through innovation, acquisition, organic growth and effective marketing.

There will be more information on this Business Leader Dinner, to register your interested please contact our marketing events team.

Business Leader Dinner - Format
These exclusive and intimate dinners are hosted by a senior leading marketer attracting audiences of Business Leaders, Marketing Fellows and their guests. The evening provides a rare opportunity for you to hear from a great speaker and offers you the opportunity to ask questions in an informal relaxed atmosphere. Chatham House Rules apply.

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Marketing Shows - Digital Leadership Dinner, October 2010

Digital Marketing Dinner - Key Information
Date: 6 October 2010, TBC
Location: Soho House, London
Prices: TBC

How will this Digital Marketing Dinner inspire you to Think Differently?
The Marketing Society Digital Network is a group that we launched in May last year aimed at helping share learnings and best practice among client side marketers. It's been very well received, but we also recognise the need to expand the programme given digital's share of spend and the challenges this is placing on marketing departments.

This Digital Marketing Leadership Dinner in October 2010, will explore the challenges senior marketers face and is a great opportunity for our client members to talk candidly about their digital challenges.

Digital Marketing Dinner
We have had some fabulous events, the most recent being a Digital Marketing Leadership Dinner at Shoreditch House on 12 May, where David Rowan editor WIRED opened up the discussion. As always space is very limited, however if you are interested in joining us and would like to get involved please contact Linda.